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Understanding Bespoke Made vs Private Label Pet Products

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Deciding between bespoke or private label manufacturing can be a key choice when developing new pet products for your pet business. This article will examine the key differences between bespoke and private label pet products to help you determine the right approach for your needs. Each approach will be best suited depending on the size and the age of your business. We at Bespoke Pet Products are set up to offer both options and we explain why and how here.

Defining Bespoke and Private Label Pet Products

First, let’s clearly define what bespoke and private label mean in the context of custom pet product design and manufacturing:

Bespoke / Custom Pet Products

Bespoke pet products are custom-made for a specific brand or business, unique to their brand and company DNA. With bespoke pet product manufacturing, you control the design and develop unique products made exactly to your specifications. We create new metal moulds and new patterns and whilst this can be a shock to younger businesses, it’s a way to truly stand out in the ever increasingly busy pet products industry.

Bespoke indicates one-of-a-kind products that are not made for any other company. You work directly with the manufacturer to create unique pet products tailored to your brand identity and requirements.

Private Label Pet Products

Private label pet products are pre-made by the manufacturer and then custom branded for the company who wants to enter or operate in the pet products industry without the financial commitment of bespoke made. The manufacturer produces the products in bulk then brands them according to each client’s private label. The benefits of this method are the barriers to entry are much lower, brands can access 100 units using private label as opposed to much higher minimums in bespoke made, such as 1000 units or even 3000 units.

With private label, you select products from the manufacturer’s existing range. You don’t control the design, but rather imprint your branding onto the manufacturer’s stock products. Such imprinting may include lasering or stitching your logo into existing products, or stamping or simply packaging wholesale unbranded pet products into your own branded printed packaging.

Key Factors Comparing Bespoke and Private Label

Below we explore the core factors that differ between bespoke and private label pet product manufacturing:

Customisation and Flexibility

A major advantage of bespoke made pet products is the ability to fully customise products. With bespoke made, you control all aspects of the design and develop completely unique products tailored to your brand. From colours, shape, size and much more. 

Private label offers little to no customisation, as you select from pre-made products the manufacturer already produces at scale. You take what’s available rather than designing your own products. But of course you can add your own logos, motifs and package them in ways as to stand out in the pet product market.

Order Sizes and Minimums

Opting for bespoke made pet products enables lower order quantities, as products are made to order based on your current needs. However, initially the MOQ will be high, such as 1000pc cat beds or 3000pc dog leads, collars and harnesses, this is to offset the costs of design and production, such as R&D as well as sampling and shipping. 

With private label, you will be able to access our pet products at a much more appealing quantity, such as 100 pieces to 300 pieces at a time. This is a great option for new pet brands just starting out who want to trial their ideas in branding and business without the financial burden of full bespoke development. 

Costs and Production Pricing

Going for bespoke pet products cost more per unit compared to private label. You pay a premium for full customisation in low volumes. Total costs ultimately depend on order size. Higher quantities will bring the price down.

Private label pet products offer massive economies of scale. But you sacrifice control over design and only realise major cost savings on huge orders. The same applies, higher quantities will bring the costs down dramatically. 

Branding Control and Marketing

With bespoke manufacturing, you exclusively own the product designs, allowing total control over your brand identity and marketing. Long term this makes sense, as no other brand will (or should not be able to) copy your designs. 

Private label products often limit branding options since the manufacturer produces them and thus they will be available to other brands too. You can’t customise the designs or functionally beyond adding logos and packaging.

Manufacturing Relationships and Oversight

Bespoke pet product manufacturing requires an involved working relationship with manufacturers, and that is where we, Bespoke Pet Products come in. You’ll collaborate closely with us on product development and have production oversight from start to finish. We take the uncertainty out of the equation.

For private label pet products, we handle production and make decisions on designs, colours and much more. You have limited input or control once orders are placed. The relationship is more transactional. But we say this option is perfect for new brands who want to test some ideas out, build a brand and learn the ropes in the pet products industry.

When to Choose Bespoke Pet Product Manufacturing

Bespoke makes sense when branding and full customisation are priorities. Consider bespoke pet products if:

  • You want to maintain full creative control over unique product designs.
  • Your brand identity depends on exclusive products no else can offer.
  • You need flexibility with smaller order volumes.
  • You are willing to pay higher per unit costs for customisation.
  • You plan to be closely involved in product design and development.

For example, a pet products company wanting to launch an innovative new line of travel accessories may prefer the bespoke manufacturing approach. This allows them to create completely custom products integral to the brand’s identity. They design the products from scratch to meet their unique style, functionality and quality standards.

When to Choose Private Label Pet Product Manufacturing

Private label allows maximising existing product selection for lower costs. This is advantageous when:

  • You want to offer proven best-selling pet products quickly and affordably.
  • Large order volumes and bulk discounts are crucial for the business model.
  • Branding focuses more on logo imprinting rather than unique designs.
  • You prefer minimal involvement on the production side once orders are placed.

A major pet retail chain adding a house brand of pets toys and treats would likely choose established private label products. This lets them tap into popular products and achieve major savings by ordering huge quantities to stock stores. Their branding depends on logo placement rather than custom designs.

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Pet Product Manufacturing Method

Here are some quick points to consider:

Go bespoke when you want to control your brand identity via unique product designs rather than rely on logo-stamped products. But bespoke may not work if you need massive order volumes for budget pricing right away.

Weigh factors like current sales margins, growth projections and inventory needs. Private label can help new brands seem larger faster by offering broad product selection if you can meet minimums.

Combining bespoke and private label can offer advantages, like using bespoke for premium core products while meeting volume order needs with supplementary private label items.

The key is aligning your choice to core business objectives. Evaluate your capabilities and constraints to choose the method – or combination – that best fits your brand now while allowing flexibility as your business evolves.


This guide provided an in-depth examination of bespoke vs private label pet product manufacturing. Key factors covered included:

  • Pet product customisation options
  • Pet product order size minimums
  • Costs and production pricing for pet products
  • Branding control
  • Manufacturing relationships with us at Bespoke Pet Products for long term growth

By understanding these key differences and expert tips, you can determine the optimal approach based on your brand identity, sales needs and capabilities. Use these insights to confidently choose between bespoke and private label pet product manufacturing.

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