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How Bespoke Pet Products Can Help Your Pet Business Grow

Bespoke Pet Products is a British born company, unique in the pet industry. We are a vertically integrated company who own their own supply chain, operating from Europe, where our sales and distribution are handled and China, where own very production facilities are based. It is the  ownership of both production and distribution which allow us to remain leaders from a quality and customer satisfaction perspective. 

We are a wholesaler of over 10,000+ wholesale pet products as well as offering a bespoke pet product manufacturing service for start-ups and established pet brands as well as a variety of pet stores, from local and national to pet superstores, garden centres and supermarkets. 

In this article we aim to go into detail on who we are, what we do and how we do it. 

Pet Focussed, People Focussed and Planet Focussed.

We have three guiding commitments which we aim to serve every day. They are:

  • We commit to our pets. 
  • We commit to our planet. 
  • We commit to our customers. 

We understand that pets, planet and people are all interconnected and each one though unique are dependent upon one another. This is why Bespoke Pet Products is committed to aligning their individual needs and using it to drive our company forward. As they say, “Leave No Trace”, we want to give more than we take, we want to continue to make our pets’ lives happier and we want to see your business grow both sustainably and ethically. We thought long and hard about duty as pet owners, as inhabitants of planet earth and as a business which serves other businesses and the example we want to lead with. 

Our mission is:

To make the world a better place, one pet at a time.

And we can only achieve this through adherence to our strict code of conduct. At the forefront of this conduct is quality. Quality products, quality customer service and quality practices. Quality is long lasting. This means happier pets, less waste and better business overall. 

Our pets  bring so much joy to our lives, we felt it was only necessary to do the same for them! 

Wholesale Pet Products vs Bespoke Pet Products, What is the Difference?

So what is the difference between our wholesale pet products and our bespoke pet products services? Let us now break this down clearly. 

Wholesale Pet Products

Being vertically integrated allows us to be extremely responsive to ever changing market trends, as well as being highly innovative in R&D when it comes to pet product design. Since our inception, we have amassed some 10,000+ SKUs, a vast collection of products by any standards. These products are predominantly split over our core categories, which are cats and Dogs, and we are still adding to them with more animal categories to come. 

We offer our wholesale pet products to other businesses who operate in the pet industry, or businesses that wish to try out pet products in their offerings. Our wholesale pet products come in two variations. 

BPP Wholesale Pet Products

As standard, our wholesale pet products come under our BPP branding, ready to sell through your own sales channels. We are proud to offer these high quality pet products, and are so committed to them that we put our name on them. As mentioned, our wholesale pet products cover some 10,000+ unique SKUs, and cover all of the core categories for cats and dogs. There are many size and colour variations for our products, which gives you an element of customisation in your ordering, this also will allow you to strengthen your competitive advantage, having the ability to fine tune colours, sizes and fabrics. 

Ordering is simple, we welcome any business who wishes to stock our wholesale pet products to register an account on our website, where we will ask you a few questions about your business, who you plan to sell to and what type of products you feel would be best suited to your needs. Once you are in, you will be able to view our wholesale prices, minimum order quantities and start building your BPP points for discounts on future orders. Of course we welcome any questions you may have regarding our wholesale pet products so please feel free to get in touch, either via email or phone. 

Custom Branded Wholesale Pet Products

Another aspect to our wholesale pet products is the ability for our customers to brand them with their own branding. This is a good introduction to starting your own pet brand, but without the huge expenses of producing injection moulds or facing MOQs of 5000 minimum pieces for example. This option would be perfect for local and regional pet stores as well as start-up pet brands who want to trial their ideas in pet product design. It goes without saying that with our huge 10,000+ inventory of leading cat and dog products, you are sure to find many products that fit with your branding and customer needs. 

Some Examples of How We Can Brand Wholesale Products in Your Branding

Backing Cards and Swing Tags

Backing cards are a common option for custom pet product packaging. Usually they are 800gsm cards, very thick and sturdy, which is good for larger, heavier pet products like natural rubber dog bones, rubber dog frisbees, tug-o-war rope toys and much more. All wholesale pet products can be applied to backing cards, but there are other more creative solutions as we will discuss here.

Wrap Around Stickers

Wrap around stickers are the simplest packaging options we have, they are affordable, sustainable and easy to apply. There is no limitation to them. Unlimited colours, sizes and shapes. We will apply them in our factory, and they will be ready to hang and display!

Cartons and Boxes

Take it a step further and put your wholesale pet products in your own custom printed boxes, with your company logo and colours. This is a great way to stock your shelves with your own custom pet products and as a way to move into full bespoke manufacturing.

Review of Custom Branded Wholesale Pet Products

As you can see, our customer branded wholesale pet products are a great introduction to creating high quality bespoke manufactured pet products for your pet related business, without the technical knowhow and the huge costs which can sometimes inhibit great ideas. This service and process is not set in stone, we are always open to working with you on your own unique requirements, should you have any questions or other ideas, please feel free to get in touch, either via email or phone.

Bespoke Manufactured Pet Products

We now move on to our bespoke manufacturing service. Being a vertically integrated company, we both manufacture and distribute bespoke pet products to the pet trade and other businesses who sell pet products. Our vertical integration means we have a grip on the production units abroad, and simultaneously being client facing and client focussed throughout the twelve countries we currently supply to. This unique position is what gives Bespoke Pet Products its competitive edge on a global scale.

A Look At Our Bespoke Manufacturing Process

We have many levels of our custom pet product manufacturing services. We want to cater for all those keen to work in the pet product industry, from start-up brands, to the well established brands, leading pet retailers, supermarkets offering pet products, garden centres offering pet products, as well as online and offline pet retailers, in the UK, Europe, America, Asia and beyond. Here we will showcase some of our bespoke pet product manufacturing services.

We understand that every business has different needs, and we want to make bespoke manufacturing of pet products as accessible as we can. Here are the various types of bespoke manufacturing services we offer:

Level 1 – we have over 10,000 unique stock products in our facility and ready to be manufactured or developed. You can choose from these stock products and have us add your company branding to the following:

  • Custom printed swing tags
  • Custom printed boxes
  • Custom printed wrap-around stickers
  •  Custom printed back boards

Level 2 (including all the above) – If you want to go a step further, we can modify some of the existing stock products we have without the need for custom moulds. They might include the following:

  • Your designs / branding stitched into  existing products, such as dog collars, leads and harnesses.
  • Branded labels stitched into dog collars, leads + harnesses.  
  • Your designs or branding lasered onto existing products.
  • Have another idea? Just ask us.

Level 3 (including all the above) – We can work with you on a one-to-one basis, designing and manufacturing new to the market pet products, including cat and dog collars, leads and harnesses, cat and dog toys, beds, feeding accessories and much more.

Some of the methods we use are:

  • Injection moulding
  • Cut + Sew
  • High quality innovative pet product design software
  • A team of skilled designers and craftspeople

To Conclude

If you are keen to work with us at Bespoke Pet Products, then please get in touch. You can contact us here, via phone or email, and choose to speak to our production facilities in China or our head office in the UK. We love to talk anything pets, so please don’t hesitate.