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We supply a wide range of wholesale pet products to the trade. From local to national pet stores, to supermarkets and garden centres to online only stores. Please browse our online store and proceed to set up an account to get started.


100pc - 300pc MOQ




10,000+ SKU




All of our wholesale pet products are made to order. As standard they come under our own BPP branding, but should you wish we can also brand them in your own store branding. We find this model results in better prices for your business, less wastage overall and gives your store an edge over your competition. The products you see on our website are the products you will receive, with an added service of custom branded should you require it.


At Bespoke Pet Products we understand the importance of accessibility, and that is why we have worked hard to make our minimum order quantities as low as possible. Our MOQ varies for each product category, some will have just 100 piece minimums, whilst others will be up to 300 piece minimum. Please check on the product page you are interested in to find out the minimum order quantity.

Fast Turnaround

Each product category will have their own unique manufacturing lead-times. We aim to get orders to our customers from 2 weeks to 4 weeks from the date of order.

Over 10,000 SKUs

We have a vast range of product designs ready to order, to date some 10,000+ unique designs ready to deploy. We welcome you to browse our catalogue and get inspired! If there is a product you like but would like some changes, this is what we specialise in. But our products on offer are tried and tested and on trend.

Bespoke Manufacturing

Please check HERE to learn more about our bespoke pet product manufacturing and private label services.


Bespoke Pet Products operates as a B2B (business to business) company. We work with other businesses who operate in the pet industry. From local, national and international pet retailers to start up and established pet brands. We have certain MOQ requirements that need to be met. If you operate in the pet industry and are keen to work with us, please proceed to set up a new account and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you.

Minimum order quantity, otherwise known as MOQ are quantity requirements that must be met for certain products to be sold at wholesale. Usually you will see MOQ 1000 or 1000 MOQ which lets you know the minimum amount required before purchasing. This is usually due to machine and labour costs that need to be met to make a product viable at wholesale b2b price points. 

Take a look at some of our wholesale products on offer

We offer wholesale cat and dog products that cover over 10,000+ unique SKUs. We cover every category possible and are still adding them.

  • 10,000+ SKUs

You can order the wholesale products as you see them on our site, unbranded, just browse the wholesale section, press 'add to quote' and we will get back to you in record time to get the ball rolling.

Custom Branded Packaging

We also offer a bespoke branding service where we can add your store branding on the packaging and outer cartons so you have an edge over your competition.

Fully Bespoke

If you wanted to go full bespoke, and create your very own unique pet products, we have a bespoke manufacturing and private label service where we can employ injection moulding, cut and sew and other processes.

Wholesale + Bespoke Specialist

We supply a wide range of wholesale pet products to the trade. From local to national pet stores, to supermarkets and garden centres to online only stores. As well as this we offer a bespoke manufacturing service, enabling you to design and manufacture your own pet products.

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If you want to talk about your pet product ideas in detail, we are waiting for you. We deal with start-up brands as well as established retailers on a daily basis, and we welcome anyone who is enthusiastic and motivated to make the world a better place for our pets.