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Why We Exist


Our company exists for one sole reason, to make our pets happy. We strive to create the most innovative, safe and long lasting wholesale pet products and bespoke pet products in the market.


We are committed to our pets, our planet and our customers. This is what we build our products around, this is what drives us to be th best and this is why we arrive early and leave late. We do it all for the pets.


If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.  All off us at Team BPP know the joy that our pets bring us on a daily basis, they are why we arrive at the office early and why we leave late at night.

Happiness of our pets

At Bespoke Pet Products, our core mission revolves around ensuring the happiness of our pets. We are unwavering in our commitment to best practices across our supply chain and the use of premium materials to enhance the quality of our pets’ lives. We are positioned as leaders in the bespoke pet product industry. We believe in business being a force for good, and this paired with our drive for innovation allows us to lead in the bespoke pet product industry. Our other focus is on providing a seamless design and manufacturing service to new start-up pet brands and pet stores through to established pet stores, supermarkets and online stores.

No one is perfect, we are aware we can always be better. We are actively looking for even more ways to become more sustainable, more ethical and more aware of our pledges. Evry day we try to b better, we try to make sure we have one more happy pet and one more thriving pet business.

"Leave No Trace"

We understand that pets, planet and people are all interconnected and each one though unique are dependent upon one another. This is why Bespoke Pet Products is committed to aligning their individual needs and using it to drive our company forward. As they say, "Leave No Trace", we want to give more than we take, we want to continue to make our pets' lives happier and we want to see your business grow both sustainably and ethically.

Wholesale + Bespoke Specialist

We supply a wide range of wholesale pet products to the trade. From local to national pet stores, to supermarkets and garden centres to online only stores. As well as this we offer a bespoke manufacturing service, enabling you to design and manufacture your own pet products.

Let's Discuss Business

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If you want to talk about your pet product ideas in detail, we are waiting for you. We deal with start-up brands as well as established retailers on a daily basis, and we welcome anyone who is enthusiastic and motivated to make the world a better place for our pets.

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